Twilight Multi’s

Twilight Multi Competition

A Club Twilight Multi Competition will be held on designated Monday or Wednesday evenings during the season to allow athletes extra opportunity for competition. In addition to the planned dates shown in the calendar, a Twilight Multi competition may also be run following any Saturday which has been cancelled, once daylight saving has commenced.

A multi competition is where athletes compete in 5 different events in succession and their results are converted to points using the LAANSW Multi event tables. The events are great fun and help prepare athletes for the Zone and State Multi competitions.

The following Multi event format will be used during a twilight competition:

Age Group       Event 1                    Event 2                       Event 3                      Event 4                    Event 5

U6-U8             100m                       Pack Start                   Long Jump                Discus                      Shot Put

U9-U17            100m                       800m                           Long Jump                Discus                     Shot Put

Seniors             100m                      800m                            Long Jump               Discus                      Shot Put

Masters            100m                       800m                            Long Jump               Discus                     Shot Put


6:00-6:15 100m – U6, U7, U8

6:20-6:45 100m – U9-U17, Seniors, Masters

7:00-7:15 Pack Start – U6, U7, U8

7:15-8:00 800m – U9-U17, Seniors, Masters

All three Field Events are run from 6:00pm-8:00pm. It is the athlete’s responsibility to ensure they compete in all five events during the allocated times.

The athlete with the highest number of points accumulated at any one twilight competition from their age group will win the Age Group Multi Champion Award.

* Athletes can only enter each event once during the evening.

* Accumulated points must all come from one evening.

There are no Championship points awarded at Twilight Multi competitions and club records cannot be broken, except for the overall Club Multi record.